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A Mini Guide: Shift, Align, and Raise Your Vibes

**This article on high vibe living was based on my experience and tons of research. It is my hopes to share what I know while allowing this to be a learning experience for me, learning it with you along the way. Follow my journey on Instagram at @mypurposepursuit.**

You are a multidimensional being living in a multidimensional universe (multiverse).

Let’s begin by understanding the way that our multiverse works so that you can understand how to increase your vibes so that you can live a life fully in alignment with who you really are!

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” –

Hermes Trismegistus

From the Third Dimension to Fourth, to Fifth

All of the dimensions vibrate at a different frequency and have different sets of laws and principles that govern the frequency of that dimension.

Are you seeing through the lens of unconditional love or fear? Are you motivated by the purity of letting your light shine or by a burdensome ego? Which dimension are you operating from, the third, fourth, or fifth?

Let’s dissect the unique manifestations of each dimension.

Third Dimensional Reality – The Material World

From a Christian perspective, they say that Satan governs the world. And I don’t believe they lying! But, to be more accurate: he governs the third-dimensional reality.

Let me explain.

The third-dimensional reality is a world of illusions. First of all, it begins with the belief in separation from each other and from our Creator. This fundamental lie causes feelings of unworthiness, shame, and guilt. (When Adam and Eve bit the apple, they immediately experienced feelings of shame and thus started to play ‘hide and seek’ with God, believing that they are separate from Him.)

As a result, our beliefs, opinions, and goals are influenced by a distorted sense of self. We fear that we aren’t good enough or worthy of love, and so we seek approval outside of us. We crave to fulfill this void and emptiness within. An emptiness that demons so cleverly invite themselves in if we don’t remain grounded and in the present moment.

You see, the 3rd dimensional level of perception is fear-based. This produces fear-based beliefs, which turn into fear-based thoughts, words, actions, and eventually, a life not in tune with its essence… which is really just whack if you ask me.

A fear-based reality is a shaky foundation to build a reality from. And like a cancerous cell in the body, these lies and false beliefs will inevitably produce more and more, causing disharmony in our reality.

Religion is the antidote. It has promises that inspire hope. Those that approach religion as a means to seek spiritual knowledge while holding themselves accountable to spiritual growth, are the ones that prosper by it. Those that use it as a means to judge another, however, are completely, completely missing the point of it. Using it in this way simply perpetuates the belief that we are all separate from one another.

One thing in our favor at the third-dimensional reality is the fact that our thoughts don’t become *things* as quickly as it potentially can. AND THANK THE HEAVENS FOR THAT. Can you imagine a belief rooted in lie producing a thought that then becomes made manifest right away?

Religion calls it grace. We literally have a “grace” period between when our thoughts become things.

Fourth Dimensional Reality – Learning Mind Control Techniques

Anyone that has stepped outside of the third dimensional level of reality and perception is what we call being “woke.” Although, it isn’t the permanent type of enlightenment that we are truly capable of.

Entering into the fourth dimension, we now have glimpses of truth behind the illusions of the material world; a veil of illusion lifts. This includes awareness to mind control and the ways that our society has been set up for the success of the privileged and failure for the nonprivileged.

At fourth dimensional reality, we gain awareness of our power as a conscious (and unconscious) creator of our reality. This looks like dabbling into mind-control techniques for shifting the energy in our life; things like prayer, the law of attraction, creative visualization, rewiring our brain, changing your beliefs, setting intentions, etc.

Here, manifestation begins to pick up in pace.

It’s important to mention that at the fourth dimension, even though you are more aware of your power, you may not fully understand how to exercise it. You can still experience fear-based beliefs and experiences. These can manifest in a few different ways, for example:

  • Resenting the society that created these limiting beliefs
  • Experiencing a bit of arrogance, believing that others that are not on the same wavelength as you
  • Experiencing powerless experiences like a negative astral projection or lucid dream

Fifth Dimensional Reality – Living from the Heart-Space and Unconditional Love

Shifting into the fifth dimension, many ancient teachings, books, and spiritual people are speaking of exactly this – a shift is taking place, collectively, from the fourth dimension to the fifth. It is unknown when, who, what, where, when, or why this will occur.

Though, from my observations, while shifts are occurring, for sure, I don’t predict it will happen soon. (But these are based on my observations and level of awareness – I could be wrong.)

The fifth dimension can be described as “unity consciousness,” the plane of unconditional love, peace, and light. Our bodies are lighter as we drop the density of the burdens that no longer serve us, and we make room for our Higher Selves to merge into our bodies. At this level of reality, we are more god-like and manifestation happens instantaneously.

What does this mean for you, anyways?

Glad you asked. Because it’s cool to know things but how can we take that knowledge and make it practical and applicable, right?

While there are more than five dimensions, I kept it at five because that’s just where I’m at. But it’s important to know that we can experience every single dimension at different moments in our days, weeks, months, and years. Just think about the person that followed their heart and left a full-time job (me) all in pursuit of their heart and soul’s desires?

Sure, this is a 5th-dimensional, heart-space decision and experience, but consider all of the fears that can crop up in pursuit of this.

Ask me how many times I stressed out about where my next paycheck is going to come from? Ask me how many times I stumbled across another coach and fall into the world of comparison (lies and deception)? Ask me how many times I literally questioned my own sanity? I promise you… many times.

The goal of learning this stuff is to understand the value in raising your own vibes. It’s to appreciate the grand scheme of the way that our reality works so that you can find your place and purpose in the world.

It’s also to be empowered. Understanding this knowledge – how will you decide to operate in the world? You have the choice, moment by moment!

Next, let’s discuss the qualities of a high vibe life so that you can, of course, do your best to match it.

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Alignment: Here are Some Qualities of a High Vibe Life

A Deep Trust and Surrender to Flow

In high vibe living, there is no need to control situations to fit our agenda or resist the ones that don’t. Being in the flow of things means allowing them to unfold naturally, having the ability to control the things that we do, while letting go of the things that we don’t.

Surrendering is not weakness. It is power. Surrendering is the ability to let go of those very things that no longer serve us. Paradoxically, this is what makes room for exactly the people, places, and circumstances that are needed for our evolution and purpose.

The more you resist control, the more you end up having it. Try it for yourself and tell me how it goes. Seriously, contact form here.

All that is required of you is that you are aligned. Once aligned, having a deep trust and ability to surrender to the moment becomes the catalyst for manifestation and high vibe living.

In Tune with Our Inner guidance

High vibe living is embracing that we are all One.

The guidance doesn’t need to come in a certain way, at a certain time, or by a certain person. Instead, you know that you are One with everything and everyone around you; including source energy, angels and your guides. Heaven can be experienced on earth! #GOALS

Intuition is received at exactly the moment you need, not a moment sooner or later. You just know.

Abundance and Freedom

The third-dimensional world is the “game of life” that we all agreed to play in this lifetime. It encompasses the material world and the definitions and judgments that we collectively agreed to give to the human experience.

What happens when you understand the ‘rules’ of the game? Well, you learn how to play the game much better. Paradoxically, (there goes that word again) this includes un-learning a lot of what we have learned from the third-dimensional world and removing the limitations that were set up as “part of the game.”

A rule that we have all accepted as truth is that the world that we live in is a world of limitation, and like a cosmic joke, we needed to forget our truth, power, and essence, so that we can play the game of life and of self re-discovery (if you will, haha).

High vibe living is about remembering. It requires us to wake up from this lie and know that we are already free and abundant. By backing it up in thought and in action, the physical world has no choice but to match that vibration.

Abundance and freedom is yours – whatever that looks or feels like for you. Tune in and know that it is true for you.

Perfect Health – Mind, Body, and Spirit

In order for our Higher Selves to merge into our body, perfect ease and harmony need to be there. We need to be a vibrational match. If not, our bodies will be too dense, preventing our Higher Self from merging, our awareness from expanding, and ultimately from permanent enlightenment to exist within our consciousness.

Here’s the good news: mind, body, and Spirit are intertwined. Achieving optimal health can be as simple as creating small shifts in the way we treat our body. We can choose to be in-tune with our body, listen to its’ cues, and honor the way that our emotions are translated into our body.

Everyone has a different walk and came into this world with their own form of limitation – some of which are mental, physical, or spiritual.

It’s important that you: honor your journey and where you’re at, consider your version of perfect health, and stretch your mind to learning new ways of achieving that health, or if not, better.

The Only Moment that Exists is Now

Fifth-dimensional reality describes time as, “the time is now.” There is no past or future. Unresolved anxieties and fears of the past are experienced and ultimately healed, now. The fear of the future and the obsession with the certainty of it eradicates; the time is now.

We can make peace with the narratives that we tell ourselves’s about the past, and (back to #1) trust in the flow of our live’s and the way that it’s unfolding; which of course happens in the present moment.

Anything that needs to be addressed or healed, happens now. The more you can come to terms with this, the higher your vibes will become.

Living From The Heart Space

From head to heart is where it’s at.

The heart space is where we honor our emotions and feelings as our Truth. Our feelings and emotions are the guiding light and are our sources of information, informing us of the ways that we are filtering our reality.

Understanding this, ask yourself: “what are my feelings telling me about the way that I’m perceiving this moment?”

Tuning into our feelings is important for navigating life in a way that honors ourselves. Take baby steps in doing this.

One day, the question will arise: am I honoring my heart’s desires? This self-awareness propels you to take steps in the direction of your calling so that they can be in a position to pursue the things that bring you joy and excitement.

Which is a clear indicator that you are living a high vibe life, no?

Fulfillment of Creative Power

Sex is the most obvious manifestation of our creative power.

Yet, in the 3rd-dimensional reality, sex is full of shame and guilt. Relationships that are operating here look like codependency, looking to someone else to complete us, filled with lust, etc. Here, intentions are alllllllll out of whack.

Instead, a high vibe relationship is one in which each person is whole and fulfilled within themselves. They are not looking to one another to fill up a void within them. They are simply looking for someone who matches their frequency, and who is willing to share the experience of making love with and sharing a life with one another.

This same exact energy manifests into all that we create. Our creative energy can either be blocked with shame and guilt, believing that we are not worthy of being able to express our creative gifts; or, we can choose to step into our creative power and nurture the creativity within ourselves for the benefit of all.

Tips to Raise Your Vibes

As mentioned, as multidimensional beings living in a multiverse, we experience each and every single dimension in different moments in our lives, even if it means getting a mere peek into a higher dimensional living, while having moments of operating from a lower one, or vice-versa.

The trick is to maintain your desired frequency so that you can attract your desired life.

So here are some tips for raising your vibes:

Eliminate Toxicity

Toxic behaviors, addictions, people, places, or situations are synonymous to driving with the brakes on, energetically speaking.

They waste time, slow you down, hold you back from your potential, and keep your mind preoccupied with irrelevant and most times, self-imposed limitations.


Doing the inner work takes you a few steps forward, toxic tendencies take you a few steps back.

Eliminate toxicity from the body. This includes the foods that you eat. I understand that some may not like to limit what they eat, but consider at least replacing sugar and processed foods with healthier alternatives. Healthy and regular detoxes are also vital for your health and overall wellbeing.

Eliminate toxic relationships. Detox also happens with the people and energy that you allow into your space. Let go of what doesn’t align with your desired life. Do it. Ruthlessly.

Do More of What Excites You

By you doing more of what excites you, you’re vibrating at the frequency of ‘excitement.’ So guess what happens? More of what excites you makes its way into your life!

Don’t you just love how energy works?

Important to mention: ‘excitement’ is equivalent to ‘passion,’ so in other words, follow your passion. Unfortunately, those words have become overrated to some. But ‘following your passion’ doesn’t have to be a grand life decision, it’s really all in the baby steps.

What can you do that excites you right now? Do that! Yes, life really can be that simple.


I’ve found meditation to be particularly useful for me because it’s helped me tune-in to hear the voices in my head and examine them carefully.

ESPECIALLY those voices that are driven by those third-dimensional beliefs that no longer serve me. Through meditating, I learn how to tap into the frequency of me and my truth, gaining the self-awareness to set intentions that are in alignment with me and the quality of life that I desire.

High(ER) vibe living is also inspired by those silent moments in the depths of your mind, just like space in the galaxy is held together by a whole bunch of ‘nothingness,’ so are we, so take time from your day to tap into the nothingness of your mind and entire being. There’s magic in doing that.

Express More Gratitude

What you appreciate, appreciates. Being in a state of gratitude puts you in a receptive mode and allows you to receive more of what you are grateful for.

Express gratitude for your already existing ‘high vibe life.’ Outline everything about this life that excites you, inspires you, and drives you to joyfully wake up in the morning.

Know that it is already yours. Take inspired action. Stay aligned. Baby steps.

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