Tuning Into Abundance: How I Monetized My Side Hustle – After 6 Months of Launching My Blog

Six months into building my side hustle, I got my first paid client. I have landed my first gig as a Social Media Marketer. 😉

While this is not a part of my long term goals, it was still a perfect opportunity to learn a new skill set while making some cash on the side.

So, don’t worry if you’re not getting into Social Media Management specifically, this blog post is still for you. It’s not about making money in any one way. It’s about understanding the mindset it takes to monetize and ‘tune-in’ to the abundant possibilities that are out there for you.

Part One: Overcoming Abundance Energy Blocks

Let’s start from the beginning.

I began my blog in June of 2018. I had an idea of what my long-term goals were, but I had no idea how to get there. I also knew that I wanted to work for me, and only me. And my soul also craved the expression of my creative, abundant, and business-savvy side. These were very “big-picture” ideas of what I wanted to accomplish.

The first thing I did was work with Stacy Vajta, a Life Coach and Soulful Work Mentor. Since I didn’t know the who, what, where, when, and why about how things were to unfold, I knew that I needed professional help.

This was an investment that I trusted would pay off.

Besides, I had considered myself an entrepreneur already, and as an entrepreneur, calculated risky decisions are a must – yes, even if that means spending almost $2k on a life coach.

The way I see it, by making this investment into myself, I’ll have a stronger foundation from which I could have more to offer to the world.

This is even built on the entire mission of My Purpose Pursuit – work on you, so you can show up in the world the most self-empowered version of yourself.

Drop The Baggage And Be The Light

This is about being the light for others to follow. But before you can be the light, you may have to drop the baggage and the things that are holding you back.

For some time, I’ve heard of the term “energy blocks.” And how this can affect the flow of abundance into our lives. We pick up “energy blocks” and forget that we are whole and abundant beings. We make assumptions. It starts with the conversations that were had around money at our home when we were little and like sponges, we naturally absorb this and assume this is the reality. We create narratives around it – some good, some not so good. And these then become beliefs that ultimately affect our ability to attract abundance into our lives.

Since I know that I am, as we all are, a complex human being, my preference was to work with an energy and intuitive coach that would assist me in releasing any baggage or “energy blockages” that I was holding onto.

I wasn’t concerned with the practical ways to accomplish my work. I didn’t care about learning time-management, professional writing, organization, etc. While these things are important, it isn’t nearly as important as feeling like I’m “driving with the brakes on,” so to speak.

Working hard towards achieving our dreams won’t matter much if we’re holding onto beliefs that block our ability to attract abundance into our lives.

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What negative money beliefs are you holding onto?

My weakness was my insecurities. It was the inner voice in my mind that kept making excuses as to why I’m not enough. It was in all the ways that I had sabotaged myself from owning up to everything that I believed was true for me, and all the ways that I settled for less than what I knew I deserved.

And this is exactly where I feel most people are held back. We’re held back from psychological blocks that we pick up from the world around us. This is the only way we know how to function; we weren’t taught anything else.

  • Women and people of color are taught that they aren’t worth much.
  • People born in poverty are surrounded by nothing but poverty. A lack of self-awareness will have them believe that this is just how “life is.”
  • People’s ignorant use of and abuse of money perpetuates the belief that “money is the root of all evil.”

You see, this affects us in ways that our conscious minds can’t comprehend, and it sinks.  We look at the world around us and continue to see things in a way that supports our beliefs. It becomes normal.

And who’s to blame, exactly? Our reality does reflect it.

This is how knowledge becomes power.

Knowledge affirms that our perception isn’t necessarily our reality. This changes our thoughts and decisions. This changes the way we play the game.

As a latina, just because I understood that society had perceived me in a certain way, doesn’t mean that that’s true for me.

Can you pinpoint negative money beliefs that you’re holding onto that may be affecting your ability to attract abundance into your life?

Part Two: Look At All The Unexpected Ways To Monetize By Facing Your Fears and Acting on Your Hunches

Now, I want to say that this is about getting out of your comfort zone, but this is about something way bigger than that. This is about deliberately putting yourself in situations that scare the shit out of you.

Seriously, do it.

Did I know that I would be a social media manager for someone? Absolutely not. I cringed at the thought, actually. Putting my ideas out there for my own social media was scary as shit. Now doing it for someone else? That was even more scarier.

At least if I personally said something that would, God forbid make people hate me, it would only affect me. I mean, right?

This goes back to part one of overcoming abundant blocks. If you are used to denying your abundance, try looking in the places you wouldn’t dare to look because it’s too “scary.” It’s in doing these very things that you’re proving, straight through your actions, that you’re overcoming your abundant blocks. And as you continue to do that, the Universe will meet you where you are.

By making much-needed personal changes, the universe has no choice but to offer you experiences that are more in alignment with who you are now choosing to be.

That’s how energy works.

Within Two Weeks of Shifting My Mindset, I Got My First Client

I started to put some serious thought into where I wanted to be within the next 6 months during January of 2019. I wanted my blog to be making money.

$2,000/month to be exact.

I got clear on what services I was willing to offer, wrote up my Think and Grow Rich statement, got very, very clear on my “why,” and I gave it up to the universe.

And you bet your ass I put, “Social Media Marketing” on there.

Two weeks. In two weeks time is when I got the gig. Here’s how:

I saw someone post a social media marketing pro bono gig job for a nonprofit. The person that isn’t tuned into abundance would’ve probably thought: who me? Doing work for free? Not I. To the person tuned-in, this is an opportunity.

And when I applied for that position, let me tell you, I went in. I didn’t know how the competition was out there, but I was ready… juuuuust in case.

Energetically, what’s going on?


A few days later I got a bright idea. I was friends with someone who had their own nonprofit and I realized that she could be more active on her instagram account. So I figured, why not help her?

I reached out and asked her if I could work on her social media – pro bono – to which she responded with an emphatic YES.

She also expressed that she didn’t really like the idea of people working for free. Then she had remembered that she actually had access to funding through the workforce development organization she was working at! And the rest is history.

Do you see now how this post is all about “tuning-in” to the abundance all around you? There is abundance all around us.

Like, everywhere!

Take a second to consider this: everywhere you look, everything that is all around you… someone provided a service or value of some kind. Someone also probably got paid.

What service can you provide to others?

What value do you have to offer to the lives of others?

Get clear on that and know that it is possible to be generously compensated for it. Then, watch as the universe rolls out the red carpet for you!

I mean case and point: there’s a Japanese organizing consultant named Marie Kondo who has inspired people all around the world with her passion for organizing. Can you be any more tapped into abundance than that?

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