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my story

A piece of it, at least.

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Has life ever hit you with a curveball so hard, that the world you thought you were living in came crashing down right before your eyes?

I have. In 2013, life did just that. My survival instincts led me to ‘fight or flight,’ and my feeling was that I could either learn, grow, and become wiser from this experience, or I could die.

I fought. I invested my time and energy into self-discovery, through reading, meditating, listening to uplifting music, and praying.

I experienced shifts on top of shifts on top of shifts.

I learned about being responsible for my own destructive actions, realizing that I had behavioral patterns that got me to where I was at.

I learned about humility, realizing that even I could be put in the position that I was, making the decisions that got me there.

And I learned how to let go of the “me” that had no longer served me, and surrendered to the experience of this game called life so that I can live a life that’s more in alignment with who I really am.

It’s a lifelong journey; yet I know now that my purpose is to be in a state of deep trust and surrender, as I witness and allow the unfoldment of my soul’s highest expression. I find my peace and freedom through sharing all that I know for the better of all involved.

And I’d love to welcome you in on this purpose pursuit journey. 🥂

fun facts about me

Let's get juicy.

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  • You remember those curve balls I was talking about? Yeah, one of those is becoming a single momma to my boy, Xavier.
  • My life coaching spirit animal is an Owl (but it's a baby owl, cause ya know, I've got tons to learn!). The owl represents knowledge, wisdom, and intuitive knowledge, which are character traits that I posses. (Don't mean to toot my own horn but...) I also have a keen insight and ability to see in others what they may not be able to see in themselves, TOOT TOOT!
  • Talking about seeing in others what they don’t see in themselves - I AM A SHADOW WORK ENTHUSIAST. Understanding the shadow self is a journey that all have to go through on their process of going home, and I’m all for it!
  • I have dreams of speaking in front of large (I’ll take small ones, too!) groups of people - my hopes is that this blog and business can open doors for opportunities to making this dream a reality 🤞🏼
  • In March of 2018 I moved out of my mom’s home and into my own cute little studio with my son - an accomplishment that I was SUPER proud of. But, a whopping year later, I left my cushiony full-time administrative assistant job and studio, and moved back to my mom’s home. All so that I can pursue my passion for building my coaching business, have more time to invest into my personal growth, and be able to raise my boy as a stay-at-home-mommy.
  • I’m a lucid dreaming fanatic; ever since I've learned how to become lucid in my dreams when I was younger, I've been obsessed with using it as a tool for self-discovery. Some of the things I've done are flying, facing my monsters, and blissfully surrendering to my ego-death. And I have a feeling that's only the beginning. 😉
  • True story: in the middle of an uno game, I once yelled "MARKETING!" instead of "UNO." I'm obsessed with making my dreams a reality, what can I say?!

my vision is a world where we bring light to the dark

And let it f'cking SHINE. 💡

It’s not enough to simply wish for the dark to disappear. We need to understand, investigate, and get to the source of it. Only then can we eradicate it and bring light to it. By doing so, we make room for a life that’s true to who we really are, putting our ego to the side and embracing a more heart-centered approach to living, one in which we honor our Truth and purpose.

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