My Story

My Story

In the summer of 2013, I was met with one of life’s curveball that had seriously shaken me up.

It was as though I was hit with a revelation that my little mind could not grasp – the world was not what I thought it was. I was not who I thought I was.

Years after, I had gone down a rabbit hole of exploring all of the layers of myself that I was not.

In attempts to face and heal from what I felt was the most traumatic and rock-bottom experience in my life, I had turned to journaling, meditating, praying, singing inspirational and uplifting music, and reading spirituality and knowledge-rich books.

In retrospect, I see that this healing journey had stretched way longer than I had expected.

You see, there’s a side to each and every one of us that becomes the trickiest to heal – and that’s the shadow self. The shadow self is where all of your limiting and sabotaging beliefs subconsciously reside; this is an aspect of yourself that you don’t even realize exist.

Through avoiding our shadow self, we are avoiding our WHOLE self, thus creating subtle cries for attention and care, and seeking these needs to be fulfilled by someone or something outside of us.

My shadow self had manifested into a codependent relationship that I got pregnant within 3 months from and as a result, became a single momma.

Because of this, I grew a fascination with uncovering this shadow aspect of myself. Every day was a journey of facing myself and my feelings head-on.

Alchemizing all of my flaws and "unfortunate" experiences, I know now that this shadow self has resulted into many blessings, two of which are the love of my son and my sense of purpose and fulfillment in this world.

Understanding how tricky this shadow self can be, I also decided to use this understanding into my coaching biz when I started, and I hired an Intuitive and Soulful Work Coach, Stacy Vajta. I wanted to remove the energetic blocks that could subconsciously hold me back.

My hopes are to do the same for others.

My vision is a world where we all express our gifts and talents in freedom and in service to others.

And I believe that this freedom comes from within. It begins with bringing awareness to all of the limiting, disempowering and sabotaging beliefs we hold onto, through self-awareness, reflection, and introspection. Once we can identify these, then can we transcend them into empowering and preferred ones.

As a coach, my role is to hold space for that.

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