7 Bold Yet Truthful Reasons Why You Should Look Forward to Old Age
(Other than the fact that you have no choice but to accept it)

old age rocks

I would say this generation is backward – but then I’d be disregarding the fact that EVERY SINGLE GENERATION BEFORE US IS.

Who do ya think we get it from?

Truthfully, it baffles me how in our youth we continue to perpetuate the lie that old-age is a bad thing.

Why is old age something to be frowned upon?

Why is it something to be feared?

Why is it a threat to our youthfulness, our life, and our ability to rock the hell out of it?

This belief has even gone so far as to say that we should retire at old age.

Pardon me… but do you mean that once we have culminated all this wisdom, knowledge, and experience, we should just retire and shrivel our lives away onto our nursing home beds?

So what you’re actually saying is that just when we have true value to offer to a team, community, family, etc., we’re actually viewed as incompetent, sick, and as the weaker member of our society?

I truthfully don’t understand.

I can only hope that during my old age, I continue to pursue my purpose and add value to the lives of my loved ones in some capacity.

Yes, I said “pursue my purpose” instead of work, and that was very intentional.

(I mean, that is what work should be about. I suppose once we can re-define what work should be, then perhaps we’ll be making steps towards redefining retirement and the value that older people have to offer. Mm, sounds like an idea for another article. #comingsoon)

But in THIS article, we’ll be exploring several reasons, why YOU, my friend, should not fear and resist old age.

In fact, you should love, love, LOVE and embrace it completely.

For the mamas and pops getting older every day (all of us) but want to do it intentionally and purposefully (only the REAL ones), this one is for you.

You’re not “losing” or “missing out” on anything, in fact, you have SO MUCH to gain:


I’m looking forward to becoming wiser from my experiences.

I love that I will have many experiences and opportunities to gain new perspectives and insights into how to play this game of life right.

I love that I will have many opportunities to demonstrate my wisdom through my way of life, and then I can have that much more of an impact to make on those around me.


I can imagine that as I grow older, I’ll feel more empowered to do my own thing because I’ll be giving zero shits about other people’s opinion.

What 40/50 year old do you see stressing out about what other people think?

I believe they know something we don’t know, including who they are, what they care for, and what they DON’T. Which brings me to my next point:


I can’t wait until I can say with more certainty: I KNOW ME, so get out my way bitchesss!

There’s a certain quality in older people that exudes confidence and self-assurance.  They know exactly who they are and they’re not swayed by the actions or thoughts of others.

My favorite part? They do this with utmost purity and innocence. They’re literally just doing them.



What will 50-year-old-me think? Certainly NOT: Will I be married? Will I have kids? How is my life going to turn out?

They’re not caught up thinking about these important life events that younger people do. They’ve already figured these answers out for themselves.

Or are no longer bonded by the burden of thinking they need to have these answers!


What’s a better way to grow mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally… other than time doing its thang?

It’s a natural order of life, I believe.


Talking about time, what better way to learn the value of it, other than knowing that my expiration date is indefinite? I would hope that if I knew the value of it, I would prioritize and spend my time more wisely.


Can y’all believe – we’re actually going to die one day? *gasp* If we can accept this, we can accept anything.

Older people have just figured something out, that we haven’t, y’all

Which is why I can appreciate it.

While I enjoy observing them and learning from them, I know that the journey and the experiences I’ll gain are GOLD.

So here’s to the 50-year-old-me: BRING IT ON! I can’t wait to meet you, embody you, and show the world what I’ve got… wisely, gracefully, boldly, innocently, and courageously.

Your turn: How do you feel about aging? What’s your biggest fear about it? What are you looking forward to? Comment below and let us know!

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