This game of life was designed for you and your role is to be more and more of who you really are.

It takes guts to master the Self, through self-awareness + discovery. It takes devotion to always show up, in stepping into your purpose and personal power. It takes raw + authentic leadership to strip away the need to make changes happen *out there* before mastering it *in here.*

Lets be the courageous, devoted, raw, authentic leaders & change makers that we are called to be. 🥂

I am dedicated to helping you make your soulful mark in the world through creating space for self-awareness, introspection + reflection.



Harnessing the Spiritual Benefits of the Flower of Life

Join us for an intimate gathering of like-minded people. We will be mixing art therapy, spirituality, and sacred geometry to harness the benefits of the Flower of Life. These benefits include being closer to your …

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